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A gala dinner in honor of the wedding day.

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Private villa in the prestigious Dubai village “22 Carat”

Menu concept

The concept of the menu is based on the "gold" standards of the world gastronomic classics, where the premium quality of the product is combined with the aesthetics of serving and high standards of service. The menu is based on classic cooking techniques typical of haute cuisine. And the dishes, influenced by the special style of Artem Volchek, acquired the author's tonality. Norwegian salmon tartare with strawberries and sesame chips, seven-year-old rice risotto of the Acquerello variety, famous for its thick nutty taste with julienne of porcini mushrooms.

Service format

This is a highly favored service for both private and corporate occasions, features a sequential presentation of dishes, allowing guests a choice at each course. The venue can be tailored to your preferences, ranging from a private villa to a tent in the desert.

Decor & details

Fabrics with a natural shade are delicate, diffused subdued light and scented candles, light dried flowers and perfectly matched clear crystal serving create an exquisite atmosphere of elegance and romance.

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