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Family lunch in the garden at the private villa “MODERN RUSTIC FOOD”

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Private villa in the prestigious Dubai village “22 Carat”

Menu concept

Menu concept is a family lunch in the garden, where taste and laconic combinations of products prevail. When creating the menu, Artem Volchek used the products loved by the guests since childhood, interesting combinations, focusing on pure taste.

Celeriac, lemon and thyme with seared king prawns, оak smoked duck and orange salad with honey and sauter Gnocchi with chargrilled vegetables bocconcini and basil oil. Dessert devon apple mousse toasted oat crumble and devonshire cream.

Service format

This is a highly favored service for both private and corporate occasions, features a sequential presentation of dishes, allowing guests a choice at each course. The venue can be tailored to your preferences, ranging from a private villa to a tent in the desert.

Decor & details

Natural iveta fabrics, unfeminine tulip fabrics and scented candles were used in the decor. Every detail has been carefully selected to create a harmonious unity of nature and elegance.

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