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Gastronomy is an art where perfection in
execution is orchestrated by taste!

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Unison Catering stands as the premier choice for top-notch culinary services throughout Dubai and across the entire UAE.

Organization and service
Menu degustation prior to the event
When developing the menu concept for our project, we meticulously oversee the execution quality and pay close attention to details. Chef Artem Volchek crafts an exclusive conceptual ensemble where each dish stands out as a unique creation, seamlessly harmonizing with others.
The Unison team undertakes the full organization of catering from the development of the menu concept to the provision of high-quality service at the event.
The Unison Catering team comprises seasoned professionals, each with extensive experience in the culinary service industry.
Conducting a preliminary tasting of the menu is an important part of the preparation of the event. At your request, we can conduct a preliminary tasting of the dishes, allowing you to evaluate their quality and taste.
Menu tasting can be arranged at a location of your convenience.

About chef /

Meet our Head Chef, Artem Volchek, the culinary maestro and food designer hailing from St. Petersburg, Russia. Using his gastronomic expertise, he weaves his culinary wizardry to turn every dish into a mesmerizing masterpiece.

Let him infuse your event with culinary enchantment through his imaginative creations. His unique style captures the essence, concept, and aesthetics of every dish and cuisine, conveying Chef Volchek's distinctive philosophy.

Artem volchek
Chef at Unison Catering

Catering options /

The banquet

This is a highly favored service for both private and corporate occasions, features a sequential presentation of dishes, allowing guests a choice at each course. The venue can be tailored to your preferences, ranging from a private villa to a tent in the desert.

La Fourchette

This format is well-suited for a wellness area preceding a banquet, party, business event, presentation, or afterparty. Guests have the freedom to move around the hall, engage in conversations, and independently enjoy snacks and beverages from separate tables and interactive stations. Additionally, this snack format proves ideal for a yacht party, providing a relaxed and interactive experience for attendees.

Interactive stations

Elevate your event experience with our interactive stations, featuring a cocktail bar, candy bar, oyster station, and gourmet options like cheese or meat selections. These engaging stations, offering drinks or snacks, bring a dynamic variety and entertaining elements to your event.

Coffee Break

A pause within business meetings, seminars, or conferences, where guests are treated to a selection of tea, coffee, juices, mineral water, and an array of sweet treats including desserts, cupcakes, pastries, and fresh fruits.

Catering Box

Convenient delivery of pre-prepared snack sets for events without on-site service. Whether for your office, a party, or a family celebration, these ready-made boxes are available for order.

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